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I absolutely LOVE thrifting. As a child, I was naive and uneducated to the positives of buying secondhand and I would be embarrassed to be seen walking into a charity shop at risk of seeming “uncool” or something. As I’ve grown up, the only embarrassing part is the closeminded nature of my younger self’s thoughts.

In recent years, myself and my best friend Jess have regularly spent entire days exploring the charity shops in different towns and we absolutely love it. We both love the fact that you don’t know what you’ll find (sometimes if anything) but that’s the fun of it! There’s SO much good in shopping secondhand, especially in charity shops.

Here’s a bunch of reasons why I think you should give thrifting a try:

– You save yourself a shit tonne of money, you know the money spent is going to a good cause and you’re giving perfectly good quality clothing (sometimes that still even has original tags) a second lease of life instead of it sitting in landfill.

– Buying secondhand can help you to step out of your clothing comfort zone. If something doesn’t quite suit or fit how you expected, it can be re-sold or re-donated on to another lovely person who can appreciate it, as apposed to buying an item new, not liking it, telling yourself you’ll return it, never actually taking it to the post office and it sitting in the back of a wardrobe aimlessly until the end of time.

– Rainy day? You can still be thrifty from home!! Facebook selling pages, Vinted, Depop and eBay are excellent for finding great items!

Want some tips? Here you go:

– When charity shop shopping, don’t go straight for your usual size. I’m a UK 22/24 and I always look at anything from a size 18 upwards! I have dresses in sizes 18 & 20 that fit amazingly, I have dresses in a size 32 that look incredible oversized with a belt. You might surprise yourself!

– The vast majority of charity shops have changing rooms so take advantage of that! If you like the look of something, try it on!

– Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations. Part of the fun of charity shop shopping is not knowing what you’ll find. Some days you’ll find tonnes, some days you’ll not find anything but don’t let this stop you! Create a mental list of things you’d like to find, but go in with an open mind and if you have the time to go through every section, then do it!

– Always check the condition of an item as much as you can. If it’s cheap enough, a missing button or a small hole in a seam can be repaired.

– Although larger charity shops do tend to pre-wash items before selling them, and a lot of people pre-wash before donating; throw them straight in the wash when you get home and they’ll be good as new!

If you’re looking for more ways to live sustainably aside from changing your clothing shopping habits, give this blog post by Hayley a read! She discusses various ways she has made aspects of her own life more sustainable.

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