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AD| Introducing Nordgreen!

Nordgreen‘s partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt began building their brand back in 2017 with sustainability and giving back at the heart of their company. They strive to produce functional and timeless products suitable for every age, gender and generation.

Everything has been carefully thought about. From creating fair and equal working environments for all of their employees to the use of responsible materials and giving back to the environment.

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How do Nordgreen do this?

The wellbeing of the employees at Nordgreen is of the up most importance to the brand. They ensure everybody from their office staff in Copenhagen to their manufacturers in Shenzhen is well looked after. Ensuring all staff are working in a fair, healthy, equal environment. The team at their Copenhagen office is made up of people from 15 different nationalities from around the world. Nordgreen strive to make their environment as open and inclusive as possible and provide complete respect for one another.

The brand chose a Danish owned producer to ensure effective communication and the highest working standards for their manufacturing partners in Shenzhen. This means all employees are protected by union agreements and quarterly audits.

Striving to leave the lowest possible trace in the environment, the material Nordgreen use for their pieces is an important factor. They offer a wide range of strap colours and materials to suit all. This includes everything from authentic and vegan leather options to nylon and mesh. These are all produced with environmentally friendly methods to reduce any chemical pollution. Everything is carefully thought about, even down to the packaging in which the item is enclosed. This is made from FSC certified cardboard and the felt inside the box is made from up-cycled plastic bottles.

Giving Back

Giving back to the environment is just as important to Nordgreen as staying sustainable. The brand plant thousands of trees to offset emissions from their offices and source their electricity from wind power suppliers.

They partner with three NGO’s giving their customers three great causes to choose from with every purchase. Meaning when a watch is purchased, the brand gives two months of free water to one person in The Central African Republic via Water For Good, one month of education to a child in India via Pratham UK and 200sqft of rainforest is secured and saved via Cool Earth.

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