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2020 is now here and after a long time out of the game I have decided to pick up my camera once more… this time taking photos of one of my main passions in life. Dogs. And with that, Pet Photography by Alice Ann launched!

I have been a photographer for many, MANY years now. More than I probably wish to admit at risk of the realisation that I am infact getting older. Over the years I my style and interests have changed. I spent a long time shooting alternative fashion and alternative glamour models, following on with many years of shooting live music at gigs and festivals as well as band promo photography. I chose to take a break from this around 4 years ago now.

Everyone I know knows how obsessed I am with dogs. So choosing to take photos of people’s pets was SUCH an easy decision for me. People say never work with kids or animals, who were these people?! Pet photography has fast become my new love. I thoroughly enjoy doing studio shoots, meeting and making friends with everyone’s pets and seeing how much their owners love them!

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