Introducing Nordgreen | itsaliceann

AD| Introducing Nordgreen! Nordgreen‘s partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt began building their brand back in 2017 with sustainability and giving back at the heart of their company. They strive to produce functional and timeless products suitable for every age, gender and generation. Everything has been carefully thought about. From creating fair and equal working […]

Get Thrifting! | itsaliceann

I absolutely LOVE thrifting. As a child, I was naive and uneducated to the positives of buying secondhand and I would be embarrassed to be seen walking into a charity shop at risk of seeming “uncool” or something. As I’ve grown up, the only embarrassing part is the closeminded nature of my younger self’s thoughts. […]

Meet Percy | itsaliceann

Meet Percy! Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE dog lover. I’ve always wanted my own pooch and there was no compromise on that (apologies to my partner, who just wanted a pet fish.) Now, before the “adopt don’t shop” comments come in – I’d spent months looking at dogs on rescue sites […]

Flight Club, Manchester | itsaliceann

Flight Club have reinvented darts with their range of fast and exciting multi-player games. Whether you’re a complete notice or a seasoned professional, you’re guaranteed to have loads of fun and release that competitive side. They pride themselves on making your experience effortless, and they really do! Everything is completely taken care of for you. […]