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The C-word. The one that’s all over the news at the moment. Yeah that’s the one. I don’t know about you but I struggle to stay in the house at the best of times. I manage my mental health better when I can make plans and get out and about even if it’s just for an hour. The current state of the world means this isn’t going to be do-able for a little while we’re all self isolating, meaning trying our very, very best to keep ourselves and our minds busy whilst at home. So with help of my wonderful friends on Instagram I have put together a few ideas of things that you can do whilst at home social distancing or self isolating. Hopefully these will help some of you!

Binge watch your favourite TV shows!

With so, so, so many options out there, there is quite literally something for everyone – most of which offer free trials too so make the most of them! Netflix, Now TV, Starz Play, Amazon  Prime Video are all good options!

Read a new book or listen to an audiobook!

If books are more your thing than TV and film, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read! Get yourself comfy with a drink at arms length and read that book. If audiobooks sound more like your kinda thing, Audible are my favourite and they offer free trials so join up, pick a book and give it a try!

Give meditation a go!

For the next few months Headspace are making part of their app free and available to everyone. This will include meditation, sleep and movement exercises designed to help people through these uncertain times.

Get crafty!

Nowadays you can literally craft something out of anything.  There are so many 5 minute craft videos on TikTok – weather they’re successful or not you’ll have fun doing them!

Learn a new skill!

YouTube is a fantastic place for learning new skills – just take a look! Or maybe task yourself to learn a new language Duolingo is an amazing website for that!

Have a pamper day!

Put on a face mask, shove a deep conditioner in your hair, paint your nails, have that hour long bath you never get chance to do. Look after yourself!

Play some games!

Whether it’s a board game that’s been on top of your wardrobe since you were a kid or switching on your games console, or plugging in your original xbox or playstation that’s been in your loft for years!

Organise your wardrobe!

Go full Marie Kondo style or just go through your clothes and sort out what can be donated to a charity shop in the future. Organise your space, make room for the new and get rid of the old!

Keep on moving!

It’s easy to let yourself get into a slump while being stuck in one place. Put on some of your favourite music and dance around your living room like you just don’t care! If the gym is your usual escapism, check out youtube for some workout videos – there’s tonnes!


The lovely Jess wrote a blog post of 25 more things you can do while social distancing, go give that a read herehere!


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