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[AD] Modibodi are the original period and leak proof underwear. There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for protection for periods, incontinence, sweat or pregnancy. Fits for female, male and now tweens and teens!

Pregnancy ain’t particularly glamorous (it’s not a glow, it’s sweat). The several weeks after giving birth ain’t glamorous either – but that’s okay! Postpartum bleeding, bladder leaking, the dreaded time of the month coming back with a vengeance. Preparation is key and I feel SO much better knowing that I have an array of Modibodi products for whatever level absorbency I need.

I opted for two different absorbencies. The first being the “Sensual Full Briefs” in light-moderate absorbency. For use alone on lighter periods, as back up on heavy days, bladder leaks or heavy discharge.

The second pair I opted for are the “Seamfree Full Brief” in heavy-overnight absorbency. For use alone on heavy periods, light bladder leaks or heavy discharge.

I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant (almost ready to pop!) so I’ll be testing the heavy overnight absorbancy pair to their full potential once I’ve given birth. Stay tuned for updates!

Subtle designs, no leaking, super comfortable and absorbent. Really easy to wash AND the bonus of being great for the environment too with no waste! Check out Modibodi at and use code “ALICEANN15” for 15% off!

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