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AD | Halloween is fast approaching and with the country currently in a place where trick or treating and parties aren’t going to get the go-ahead, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling rather deflated about it! HOWEVER! Halloween can still happen! Dress up in your favorite spooky attire and make a little family Halloween buffet that’s sure to get you in the Halloween spirit! Suitable for all ages (you can add your own choice of spirit to the punch should it be an adult only evening), easy to make, super fun to create and not forgetting really, really YUMMY.

I created my buffet using all ingredients you can find in your local Jack’s Supermarket – part of the Tesco family. With some items in my creations costing as little as 27p, it is a super affordable and fun way to celebrate Halloween at home with your family! Ingredients can be interchanged to be suitable for most dietary requirements.


Note: Some of these recipes use an assortment of Halloween shaped molds and cutters I already owned (because i just love Halloween!) however these are widely available in most shops Halloween ranges and online stores or they can be cut by hand!


Banana Ghosts


Bananas 69p

Chocolate Chips 50p (also used in eye cookies)


How To Make:

1- Peel and chop a banana in half (this makes two ghosts)

2- Using 2 chocolate chips per ghost push into banana pointy side first to make the eyes.


Bat Tortilla Nachos & Dip

Ingredients (dip can be changed to suit):

Tortilla Wraps 75p

Salsa 75p


How To Make:

1- Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

2- Using a cutter (or by hand) cut the tortilla into the Halloween shapes you want to achieve for your nachos. I made bats, but you can make anything!

3- Place onto baking tray, spray with a small amount of cooking oil and season to taste.

4- Bake for around 8-10 minutes.

5- Once the nachos are cooled open your salsa and dip!


Pumpkin Sandwiches


Loaf of Bread 40p

Ham £1.29

Cheese £1.70


A super simple one! Simply make your sandwiches with your chosen fillings (I chose ham and cheese) and cut them into Pumpkin shapes! I used a large pumpkin shaped cookie cutter for ease but you can choose any shape or size!



Teeth Jelly

Ingredients (sweet topping can be changed to suit):

Jelly Mix 55p

Teeth Sweets 40p


How To Make:

1- Mix your jelly according to the packet instructions, pour into shot glasses molds or whatever you want to use!

2- Refrigerate until set.

3- Once set, use your Halloween sweets to decorate! I chose to use foam teeth!


Halloween Gingerbread


Pre-made Halloween Gingerbread Man 45p (each)


How To Make:

1- Take out of packet pop them on a plate and you’re done! No need for baking!


Bloody Punch


Summer Fruits Cordial 85p


This is simply just dilute cordial! I chose this particular flavour due to the colour. You can alter this depending on your personal favourite! You could also pick your favourite fizzy drink or mix up a cocktail!

Halloween Buffet

Coffin Brownies


Brownie Kit £1.09

Fondant Icing £1.39

Eggs 75p


How To Make:

1 – Another easy peasy one, simply follow the super straightforward instructions on the box!

2- Once cooked and cooled, cut out coffin shapes (this can be done with a cutter or by hand)

2- Roll out some of the fondant icing, cut into cross shapes to place on the top. Note: I found this sits much better if you flip the brownies upside down!


Hot Dog Fingers


Hot Dogs £1.00

Hot Dog Buns 79p

Ketchup 45p


How To Make:

1- Cook Hot Dogs in a pan as per instructions on tin. Usually only a few minutes to hear them up!

2- Cut Hot Dog buns down center.

3- Using a sharp knife, cut a oval at the top a couple of millimetres deep to look like a fingernail. Then cut two lines a quarter of the way down and two lines three quarters of the way down to look like where the finger bends.

4- Place hot dogs in buns, squirt with ketchup to look like blood – this doesn’t have to be neat at all, the messier the more realistic!


Cheesy Bones


Cheese £1.70

Ready Roll Puff Pastry 85p


How To Make:

1- Preheat oven to 200 Degrees Celsius, spray tray with oil to avoid sticking.

2- Roll out puff pastry and cut out bone shapes – this can be done either with a cutter or by hand! Place on tray.

3- Grate a small amount of cheese and sprinkle over the top of the pastry.

4- Bake for around 10 minutes until pastry is risen and golden brown.

Buffet Food

Skull Chocolates


100g Milk Chocolate Bar 30p


How To Make:

1- Melt chocolate in microwave or pan

2- Pour into molds

3- Refrigerate until set (20-30mins)


Eye Cookies


Brown Sugar 79p

Caster Sugar £1.19

Self Raising Flour 45p

Eggs 75p

Unsalted Butter £1.45

Vanilla Extract £1.30

Choc Chips 50p (x2 bags)

Edible Icing Eyes £1.50


How To Make:

1- Preheat oven to 200 Degrees Celsius. Line 2 oven trays with baking paper.

2- Cream together 125g of unsalted butter 115g soft brown sugar and 110g white caster sugar.

3- Add 1 egg and 1tbs of vanilla extract then mix together,

4- Sift 220g of self raising flower into the mixture and mix until a soft dough forms then stir in 200g chocolate chips.

5- Split dough into walnut sized pieces and place on to baking paper, leaving space in-between as they will spread out when baking.

6- Bake for 7-10 minutes depending on preference. 7 minutes will create a soft, gooey cookie, 10 will create more of a crunch.

7- When cookies have been removed from the oven, decorate with edible icing eyes.


Bat Cakes


Jack’s Jaffa Cakes 85p

Oreos £1

Icing Eyes £1.50 (Also used in eye cookies)


How To Make:

1- Grab your Jaffa Cakes (one for each bat)

2- Grab your Oreos (one biscuit will do two bats). Split them into two leaving you with the top and bottom of the oreo. (you can scrape out the middle or leave it, entirely up to you!)

3- Split each half of the oreo into two pieces to make the wings and stick to each side of the Jaffa Cake using either edible glue or icing.

4 – Take two eyes per bat and stick them in the centre, in between the wings.


Find your local Jack’s store here.


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