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Everyone loves a BBQ, right? I feel like we’ve been waiting FOREVER for a good stint of decent weather to be able to plan and actually go ahead with our first BBQ of the year and we’ve finally managed it this week! With the predicted heatwave hitting us this weekend, what better to do than light those coals and chuck something yummy on the grill? If you’re a BBQ lover like me, Jack’s have got you covered this summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re catering for 2, 4, 6 or more; you can grab EVERYTHING you need in Jack’s chiller aisle for under £20 at Jack’s!

Okay so. Admittedly I went a little overboard when I saw the vast array options because we OBVIOUSLY needed to try everything. For everything I bought for our BBQ I still only spent approximately £22, feeding a family of 6 adults with plenty of spare to go in the freezer for our next one! With tonnes of meat options at just £2.99 each and all your bread, salad and side needs for less than £1 each, you can grab everything you need at a bargain price, all while knowing 100% of Jack’s fresh chicken, beef and lamb are British, great tasting and amazing quality. Truth be told, generally speaking I am your typical burger and sausage extremely basic BBQ go-er but not this time! I challenged myself to step out of my own comfort zone and try a bit of everything and I 100000% did not regret this decision. 

What we chose:


BBQ Mango, Coconut & Lime Chicken Fillet – Fire Pit Range – £2.99

Jumbo Pork Sausages – Fire Pit Range – £2.99 (I managed to talk myself down from getting the chorizo option as well but the Fire Pit Chorizo Sausages are next on my list to try!)

BBQ Maple Pork Loin Steaks – Fire Pit Range – £2.99

BBQ Beef Kebabs – Fire Pit Range – £2.99

Beef Burgers – Fire Pit Range – £5 (we opted for the larger pack of 12 – but these are available in smaller packs for just £2.99)

Brioche Rolls – £0.89

Hot Dog Rolls – £0.79

Potato Salad – £0.55

Coleslaw – £0.38

Halloumi – £1.55

Cheese Slices – £0.55 (the Fire Pit range offers some AMAZING cheese options. We decided to stick to the typical ‘burger cheese’ slices this time, but the Fire Pit Red Leicester Chilli Burger Melts are on my radar for our next BBQ!)

Salad – £0.75


The Fire Pit range has SO many options to suit everyone’s taste, all available from Jack’s stores, priced from just £2.99 per item. It was way to difficult to pick just a few but it’s safe to say, I have a mentally prepared list of what I want to try next! The maple pork loin steaks and mango, coconut and lime chicken were firm favourites for us and I highly recommend giving them a try on your next BBQ!


Find your local Jack’s store here!

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