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Jewellery is a must for any outfit. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet a ring or two, or three, or four… or all of the above! Statement pieces of jewellery will certainly finish off your outfit perfectly! Mysticum Luna is an occult and gothic inspired fine jewellery company based in Sheffield. It is ran by two incredible and hardworking women, Paige and Hannah!

I recently had the pleasure of being the first ever guest blogger on their website (how exciting)! Mysticum Luna kindly asked me to come on down to their office to check out some of their latest pieces, so of course I had to style up a couple of my recently thrifted outfits! You can check out my blog post over on the Mysticum Luna blog here!

I talk about accessorising my favorite thrifted outfits with Mysticum Luna sustainable jewellery and why you should choose high quality and well made over cheap and mass produced!

Mysticum Luna Pieces Mysticum Luna Pieces

Some of the pieces shown above include:

Raven Choker. Osteomancy Bone Necklace. Sephira Signet Ring.Memento Mori Ring. Crypt Coffin Ring.

Layered Starsign Necklace. Crypt Coffin Ring. Memento Mori Ring. Planchette Ring. 666 Ring. Cobweb Ring. Orb Weaver Spider Ring


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