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Meet Percy!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE dog lover. I’ve always wanted my own pooch and there was no compromise on that (apologies to my partner, who just wanted a pet fish.) Now, before the “adopt don’t shop” comments come in – I’d spent months looking at dogs on rescue sites all over the county, we even visited a few and met a few lovely dogs but sadly we never found our right fit. We knew we wanted a small dog as our house just doesn’t have the space for a large dog nor would we have been able to meet the exercise needs of a larger breed. I would have LOVED to adopt and will never rule out doing so in the future should we ever get another dog.

We met Percy for the first time on 12th Jan 2018, when visiting our breeders house to look at one of his brothers… but as the odd one out in a pack of dark brown and black pups, Percy stood out to us and we instantly knew he had to be ours. As a Pug cross German Spitz, he definitely had a unique look about him and we loved that. On 7th Feb 2018 at 12 weeks old, Percy was ready to come home with us!

My tiny boy is now 2 years old, no longer tiny (12.7kg and has THE longest legs ever), an absolute bundle of ecstatically happy energy that never sits still, will do anything for food and wants to be friends with and lick EVERYONE (and everything, including table legs and my living room rug – weirdo)    

Percy has hit very own Instagram. Check him out here!


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