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Hello! My name is Alice! I’m super new to the world of blogging so I thought I’d do a little A-Z of fun facts to get to know me! Here’s the A-Z of Alice!


Hello! My name is Alice! I’m super new to the world of blogging so I thought I’d do a little A-Z of fun facts to get to know me!


My boyfriend is called Adam. We have been together since 2016.


One my favourite hobbies is going charity shop shopping. I am BIG on thrifting and buying second-hand wherever I can. I mainly use charity shops or shop online on websites such as Depop, Vinted, Ebay or using Facebook plus size clothing selling groups.


My almost 3  year old dog is called Percy. He is a Pug X German Spitz.


I stretched my ears when I was about 14 years old. I still have my left ear at 30mm and my right ear is roughly 14mm (but no longer ever has a plug/tunnel in it!)


I’m very lucky to still have the same friendship group as I did when I was at secondary school. We have all moved away and done various things with our lives throughout our late teens/early twenties and ended up all back together in the same town now we are in our late twenties!


Apart from dogs (obviously), my favourite animals are goats, especially pygmy goats!


Believe it or not, i’ve only ever been on holiday abroad twice in my life, once to New York when I was 19 with university and once to a festival in Belgium.


In my teenage years I briefly developed lactose intolerance and I still can’t eat can’t eat ice cream.


My best friends name is Jess(ica). We have been friends for nearly 15 years so far!


I grew up in a village called Kimberworth in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.


I moved to live in London for just short of 18 months when I was 21 because I thought it was a god idea (it wasn’t)


For many years, I worked with music press, co-owning and running an online music magazine.


As my day job, I work full time for the NHS. I have worked in healthcare for many, many years now and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.


I am allergic to orange.


I have been a photographer for over 10 years Once upon a time my photos were mainly of alternative models and at gigs/festivals but gave up photography in 2016. Recently i’ve started to practice photography again, however it’s now mainly pet portraits.


For some reason I’m really, bad at pub quiz’s. Once, I even tried to google the answers and still managed to get them wrong.


I am right handed.


As a plus size woman and currently wear a UK size 22. You will mainly see plus size fashion content on my blog and on Instagram!


There are quite a few tattoos dotted around my body. Including a half sleeve and my forearm on my left side, two smaller tattoos on my right forearm, a piece on both of my thighs, a piece on both my calves, both my ankles, my right foot, some script on my ribs and a little one on the back of my neck.


At a bar my usual drink order is a gin and lemonade, Malibu and coke or a large rosé wine.


My vision is shocking and I ALWAYS wear my glasses. They’ve been part of me for what feels like so long that I don’t like how I look without them and don’t feel like myself in contact lenses!


My biggest fear is worms.


I have never broken a bone and have never had to have a x-ray.


One of my favourite cities to visit in the UK is York because it’s beautiful! Closely followed by Manchester, London and Liverpool.


Zzz… if you’ve gotten this far, serious props to you! Thanks for reading and getting to know me!


Leave me a comment and tell me a fun fact about yourself!


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